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hey guys,
its me again ! i just came bac from a great party and had heaps of fun (i gunna put sum pixs on the other page)
it was my friend jenny's 16th n it was a dress up party.
normally i hate dressing up but it was kinda fun. everybody had 2 dress up as sumthin d@t starts w his or her first letter, so i dressed up as a lady (not very creative, i know, but i had an awesum long dress n it looked kinda kewl)
i met heaps of ppl fomr year 12 which is pretty cos im goin 2 year 12 after the hols n so i no sum ppl
we had a campfire and played sum funny games n i learned sum australien party dances d@ts fun ^^
this mornin i went to yamba n did sum shoppin (australia is a great place 4 shoppin, girls ^^) n when i went bac zac wanted 2 pick me up but the boat didn't work (we live on the other side of the river) and it was kinda cos we had 2 wait 1 hour till the boat worked and we finally could get home ^^
yesterday i went ten pin bowlin w sum of zacs friends and it was fun except i totally screwed up ^^
on tuesday i watched sum movies w a friend (nicole) n on monday i went 2 the movies w girls from year 10. we saw 'john tucker must die' which was a chicks flip, but a pretty funny movie and this hot gardener guy from desperate housewives (jesse metcalfe) was in it ^^
so as u can c, my 2nd holiday week wasn't as exciting as the first one, but i had fun n skol's gunna start on tuesday. that sucks ...
anyway ... catcha ya later guys ...
ozzie girl
12.10.06 15:21


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