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1st week of hols !!!

hey guys,
atm we have hols here in nsw n its great !
but from the beginning ...
the hols started pretty cool, we went from saturday to monday to lennox head where my hostparents have a caravan that is only a few metres from the beach.
i was nearly the whole day at the beach except on monday when we had shark alarm, which was pretty funny (cos i wasnt in the water haha) sum stupid surfer were but if they wanted 2 feed the sharks - not my problem *fg*
after the shark alarm i was a bit yellow 2 go in2 the water but as long as sumbody was in front of me it was ok ^^
on tuesday i went 2 my friend brianna's 16th birthday party at broomshead @ the beach n we had heaps of fun in the ocean. n on wednesday i went with the train 2 NEWSCASTLE ! it took us bout 8 hours in the night train from grafton - newcastle n it was kinda weird cos we (emily,courtney,zac+i) were the only normal ppl on the train.
@ 3 in the mornin a father yelled @ his son 'bailey' 2 shut up n 2 sit down which was pretty annoying 4 ppl (like us) who wanted 2 sleep ^^
anyway ... we arrived in newcastle bout 6 in the morning and spent the day at newcatle beaches n in shopping centres where i bought a new pair of sunnies cos lara smashed my old ones ^^
anyway ... the next mornin we caught the early train 2 sydney where we had an freakin awesum day ! at first we went 2 paddys market where u can buy a lot of nice stuff pretty cheap. after lunch we did all the tourist-y stuff like 'harbour bridge' n 'opera house' .
all in all we had a really good trip n were pretty exhausted when we came bac 2 maclean on saturday night.
on sunday it was so f**kin hot that u could hardly move but fortunately my hostmum's best friend donna has a pool so it wasnt that bad ^^
so ... thats about it 4 the 1st week of hols ... hope u have nice hols in good ol' germany ...
8.10.06 21:43


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